Have Your Say


Listening to children and young people like you about their experience of being in the care of Solihull is really important to us.

Listening is not enough.Have Your Say

So we make sure that your thoughts and feelings are heard and that you are given lots of explanation about what is happening to you. If things can be changed as a result, then things can change. If they can’t be changed you will be informed why.

Some examples of things that have changed because young people who have been in the care of Solihull and have been listened to are:

  • getting more involved in your Reviews, including chairing your review if this is something you want to work towards.
  • being involved in the interviews of staff who work directly with you, like social workers and nurses.
  • being able to have a sleepover at your friends by just asking your foster carer instead of needing permission from your social worker.

We want you to be directly involved in making a difference and helping to shape the services we provide.

There is OVOS in Solihull for all looked after children and young people to have a say, as loud as you want. If you want to say something and make a change you can come along to one of the monthly meet-ups, or contact us through social media or just send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Contact us now, there’s loads for you to get involved in!


Want to Complain?

If there is something you are unhappy about with your experience in care and would like us to try to help, please let us know. It could be you are having difficulties with carers, at school, living independently or money.

We want to try to help to put it right. Please email your complaint to


Someone will be in touch with you to look into your problems further.

For general support and advice, please contact us.

If you want someone to support you to make a complaint, you may want to talk to an Advocate.


There are opportunities for you to visit the House of Commons to hear MPs talk about topics and services you receive while in care and for those who have left care. You can come along and just listen or join the debate! To find out more click here. If you’re interested in finding out more or attending a meeting please contact us.



An exciting new way for you to tell us your views for your Reviews. You will be able to complete an online questionnaire to tell us what you want to say about the care your are getting. Click here for more information.



The Children’s Commissioner is responsible for ensuring children and young people have a say about care nationally. Visit their website.




Sometimes you may want someone independent to go to. There is an independent organisation called the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS). They are not linked to your social workers,  IROs or anyone else involved with the care you receive. They will listen to you and may be able to help you to resolve any issues you may have. To find out more click here.