Training Adults

Recruitment and Selection Training train-adults

Solihull MBC is running Recruitment and Selection training for young people. This course will give you an understanding of the recruitment process and how Solihull council involves young people.  It will give you the skills you need to be part of a young person’s interview panel and to have a real say in who is recruited. Recently young people have been involved in the recruitment of the new Chief Executive and the Director and Assistant Director of Children’s Services.

After attending this course you may be contacted to help to interview when recruiting new staff.


Voice of the Child and Members Training

In Solihull we want to ensure everyone, from elected councillors to social workers to foster carers, understands how important it is to listen to you!

We run 2 different courses to help to get this message across and we need young people aged 14 and over to help deliver this training. Your input makes a big difference to professionals attending the course.

  • Members Training – This is a short course for councillors to make sure they fully understand their responsibilities towards looked after children and care leavers. Your views should be taken into account with all decisions they make.
  • Voice of the Child Training – This one day course is for everyone that may be involved in your care or transition to adulthood. Social workers, IROs and carers are encouraged to attend and learn the importance of listening to you and how they have a responsibility to take your views into consideration when decisions are made about your care.


If you are interested in helping with either training or want to find out more information please contact us or speak to your social worker/personal advisor.