Keeping Healthy



My name is Stephanie. I work as a nurse with children and young people.ArtboardAB 6

It is important for you to be healthy, happy and safe. To help with this we have two nurses and three doctors who can meet with you to think about your health and the different things that might affect how you feel.

Whilst you are in care you might meet with the nurse, or the doctor, for a Health Assessment at:-

  • Home
  • Clinic


  • Somewhere else you feel most comfortable.
  • You may prefer to talk on the phone and that is OK.

There may also be other times when you want to meet, or talk on the phone, in confidence; about a health issue or you may want a bit of advice. You can do this by contacting me direct on my

  • mobile 07899956974
  • Email
  • Or Trudi on 0121 746 4413 who can contact any of the team you may wish to contact.
  • You can also contact nurse Sally Scott on 07580 897 380




It can be hard if you are struggling with worries or think you have a health problem. The main thing to remember is that there is someone you can talk to.

Many young people will talk to their friends to get information about health issues. The problem with that can be you do not get the best advice to meet your needs. By getting in touch with me, or one of my colleagues, or having a Health Assessment you can get the best advice and the help you need when you need it, where you feel most


Useful Information

Solihull Churches Action for Homelessness provides a free hot meal every Friday to anyone who needs it.