Our Promise to You


Solihull Council has a strong commitment to listening and involving children and young people in our care. This is reflected in our ‘Promise’ to them.asset-3

Our ‘Promise’ to children and young people is that:

“We listen We care”

pinky-promise-03We will do our best to make sure that:-

  • You know what you can expect from your workers and carers
  • You have a care about your care
  • You have the help and support you need to help you work towards what you want out of life
  • You can keep in touch with people who are important to you
  • You feel cared about

When you have left care we will respect your choices making sure you have support, if you want it, until you are 21 years old. (This can be up to 25 years old if you want to pursue a programme of education or training). Where possible we will try to offer you a second chance when things have gone wrong.

You can view the whole promise here – The Promise

If you want to tell us how we are meeting/not meeting our promise to you, please let us know by contacting us.