Employment and Skills Support


Welcome to Solihull Council’s employment and skills support pages designed for you; the information provided through these pages will hopefully help you decide on future job opportunities. Select information and links that you are interested in and manage your accounts online (with our help). It’s down to you to do as much as you can but remember, the more you put in, will help you to get the right job sooner.

Not sure of what job to go for or a career you are interested in?

There are plenty of websites that charge for advice and guidance so please avoid these, they will be looking to make money from your situation and likely to charge for additional services. However, there are some, such as https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/job-profiles/home or https://www.123test.com/career-test/ where you can have a little bit of fun in coming up with careers suggestions, and you can use the internet to search on local businesses in the area that will be recruiting to jobs.

If you would like some local support you can contact the Employment and Skills Team at Solihull Council for advice and guidance. Register online https://www.solihullforsuccess.com/job-seekers-home  email: employmentteam@solihull.gov.uk or phone 0121 704 8076. No matter what your circumstances are, we have advisors here to help you.

In addition, you can contact the National Careers Service https://www.prospects.co.uk/What-We-Do/Employment-Skills/National-Careers-Service Prospects are the lead provider in the West Midlands and will help you to decide on career moves and your next steps.

Local jobs – how to set up online accounts…

To make the most out of your job search you will need to set up accounts with recruitment websites and, by setting up accounts, you will be able to let these sites work for you in the best way possible. For example; you can set up an email alert on the job, pay or location that is of interest to you…

  1. Select job search website
  2. Set up an account (sign up) – make sure your passwords/usernames are safe and you can store them securely or remember them.
  3. Set up job search function; select sectors/profession, location, pay, part time etc. – all of this will mean you only get information back on what is of interest to you.
  4. You may have to upload details such as a CV or some basic information on skills/education – always remember to remove personal details (national insurance number, date of birth, pictures etc.), it is not necessary but, please keep a contact telephone number/email and your address, it does help in communication.
  5. Make sure your email address is appropriate; bugsbunny@hotmail.com whilst this isn’t a problem for family and friends, it may cause you some embarrassment when trying to introduce yourself to a Human Resource Department or Senior Manager of a firm that is looking to recruit?
  6. You will then receive weekly/daily email alerts on jobs and these will provide you with links to the application process
  7. Go back into account (using passwords/username) to make alterations at any stage of your search.
  8. Keep applying and work with local employment support teams (Employment & Skills at Solihull Council) to improve your options email: employmentteam@solihull.gov.uk with your enquiry.

Jobs in the Public Sector:

If you are considering jobs at Solihull Council or Care Trust then WM (West Midlands) Jobs will help you locate something https://www.wmjobs.co.uk/ in and around the West Midlands region. There are many different jobs in the Public Sector, so see what you may be interested in and set up a search for those jobs that best suit your skills.

Vacancies with your local Jobcentre on Gov.UK:

You may be aware of Universal Job Match, this is the Government’s website for recruitment, and if you are unemployed and claiming benefit, the local Jobcentre will require you to register on to this site https://www.gov.uk/jobsearch it is open to all so you do not have to be claiming benefit to apply for jobs on this site.

National Apprenticeship Service Vacancies are on Gov.UK:

You will need to set up an account to manage your apprenticeship job search and you can apply here https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship In recent years Apprenticeship’s have changed to become open age and work with businesses on their skills needs.

If you would like to register for apprenticeships but do not have the qualifications needed, a Traineeship may help you to get to those levels https://www.gov.uk/find-traineeship here you can find out about traineeships and how to progress.

There is a National Apprenticeship Helpdesk where you can call/email to find out more about jobs, skills and training providers:

National Apprenticeship Helpdesk – nationalhelpdesk@findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk
Telephone: 0800 015 0400

More commonly used job search websites:

There are some regional/national job search websites that will help you to locate local jobs. It’s best to do your research here and make sure jobs you are looking for are well represented on the websites. Do not solely rely on these sites but, it may be advisable to select 2 or 3 of the sites with more jobs in your area of work, and set up weekly job alerts to make sure you do not miss those opportunities.

Indeed – https://www.indeed.co.uk/

Reed – https://www.reed.co.uk/

Pertemps – https://www.pertemps.co.uk/find-a-job/

Jobsite – https://www.jobsite.co.uk/

Monster – https://www.monster.co.uk/jobs/

Total Jobs – https://www.totaljobs.com/

In addition to the more traditional job search websites you can up load a CV on to CV-Library, and this will be available for all local businesses registered on that site to view, a representative will then contact you (usually via email or phone) to request more information https://www.cv-library.co.uk/

Regularly check your phone, tablet, and laptop:

When using these sites, you must keep in the habit of; having your phone/tablet switched on, checking emails regularly and answering calls that have no details… company switchboards will often come up as unidentified on your phone, make sure you either answer the call or pick up and respond to the voicemail message as soon as you can.

Looking to improve your learning and Skills?

Solihull College 16-19 Study:

Coming to the end of your time at school and wondering what step to take next?

Staying at your school’s sixth form with the same teachers and classrooms isn’t your only option. Why not consider Solihull College, and their excellent facilities include a virtual reality lab, aircraft hangar and flight simulators, industry standard science labs, an animal care centre housing hundreds of exotic species and much more.

With full-time courses, apprenticeship opportunities and progression routes right up to degree level, Solihull College & University Centre offers you a route direct to the career that suits you.

Choose the subject you love and study it full-time – their vocational courses and apprenticeships are tailored to industry needs, ensuring you leave ready to launch your career or progress in education.

Worried about getting into university?

Don’t be – most universities accept vocational qualifications. In fact, 95% of higher education institutions in the UK accept BTEC students including many top universities. You will also have at least 2 years of experience behind you in the subject you choose, potentially giving you a head start on the competition.

For more information on courses and how to register with Solihull College please access their full prospectus for 16-19 offer here https://www.solihull.ac.uk/16-19/introduction/

Solihull College Work Ready Programme:

If you are slightly older (19+ years of age) and claiming benefit at your local jobcentre. The College deliver Work Ready Programmes to help you obtain industry standard qualifications – these are designed for jobseekers to get as much knowledge about a sector before seeking employment with local businesses.

You will be referred by a Jobcentre Work Coach and will be excused signing while attending the course. You can learn sector skills in the following areas; Airport, Administration, Bookkeeping, Construction, Customer Services, Early Years, Engineering, English and Maths, ESOL, Health and Social Care, Horticulture, IT, Motor Vehicle, Security Services and starting your own business.

To find out more about these courses and whether you are eligible, go online https://www.solihull.ac.uk/adult-learner/free-courses-job-seekers/   phone 0121 678 7000 or email: enquiries@solihull.ac.uk to register your interest.

Local Employment and Skills Support…

Solihull Council is your corporate parent and we are therefore really keen to continue to support you into adulthood. The Employment and Skills Team at Solihull Council are not a statutory organisation, we are here on a voluntary basis for you to access employment and skills support as you need or see fit.

We do not make judgements nor are we here to be critical, we’re here to help you make informed decisions on your future. You are the deciding factor in all of this, and we will help to give you the skills to make decisions of your own choice and, by learning from that, it will help you progress in both work and life.

We operate drop-in sessions at the following places:

(insert job shop/work club details here – or a link to PDF leaflet for work clubs here)

We also provide lots of useful hints and tips on improving your job search, CV writing, submitting an application form and how to present yourself in front of an employer, for more information please read our pages for advice and guidance https://www.solihullforsuccess.com/job-seekers-home

Or to contact the Employment and Skills Team you can self refer (link to registration form), email the team: employmentteam@solihull.gov.uk or phone 0121 704 8076.

What to do next….

Hopefully you have read some information on these pages that helps you to improve your job search options and, if you would like to develop this further, please contact a member of the Employment and Skills Team or your Personal Adviser to speak to us in more detail:

Contact Details for Personal Advisor/16+ Team/LACES…..

Contact Details for Employment and Skills….

Email: employmentteam@solihull.gov.uk

Phone: 0121 704 8732