Positive Stories

A young person shares their experience of how OVOS has changed their life


Since I have been involved in OVOS, I have discovered my strengths and not just my weaknesses. I have been involved in so many amazing opportunities. For example, standing up in front of 200+ professionals and presenting a PowerPoint we as a team made with neglect as the subject. This alone made me feel confident about speaking to the right people, to make a change. While involved in OVOS, we have also done fun activities too, which have also been relevant to peer mentoring. We did an event called can cook will cook, which involved 3 groups that had to cook a meal (with everyone’s different input) using the budget food we were given. This helped me learn a lot more about budgeting money for food, etc.

Me and a few other people have been planning a mental health project, which is very very close to my heart. Being involved in something so meaningful has made me want to shine and tell what I know.

It hasn’t just been about work though, there has been many treat days I have been involved in. Bowling, pizza hut, go karting, meals, etc.
While doing all of this, I decided I’d like to be a part of peer mentoring. I have been on mentoring training days and have more training involving similar things to follow.
I feel as though ovos has gave me a voice, and a reason to want to get involved.


NOTE: this young person now has gained an apprenticeship developing another children in care council…well done!!!


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