Children’s Champions

The Role of Children’s Champions


Each team providing a service to looked after children and young people will have a dedicated person to support and promote:


  • The active involvement of those children and young people in service design and delivery
  • The ethos of Corporate Parenting within the team


The champions will not only champion active involvement and corporate parenting work but will also ensure these areas are integral to all child care practitioners and managers within Children’s Social Work Services by:


  • Ensuring individual team members are aware of their responsibilities
  • Developing a clear professional understanding of these areas of work
  • Creating a supportive environment to have dialogue around these issues
  • Developing skills and knowledge in this area of work
  • Supporting the work of the Corporate Parenting team with various projects
  • Acting as a ‘link’ between their team and the Corporate Parenting team to enable a two way flow of information


Children’s Champions should be practitioners motivated by the active involvement and corporate parenting agenda and keen to enhance their own practice and that of others.


We will update you with your children champions from each team.

What has been happening so far?


  • Meeting with OVOS staff every 6 weeks.
  • Promoting the promise and website- ‘’.
  • Feedback of information between all people involved.
  • Sharing good practice, information and ideas.
  • Distributing the OVOS promotional cards to teams, children and young people.
  • Looking at ways to capture the ‘Voice of the Child’ more effectively.
  • Issues young people are facing- feedback of these.
  • Involving more children and young people they work with OVOS.
  • Promoting events and activities to teams and young people.
  • Assisting with trips, activities and events.
  • Attending the OVOS meetings and bringing young people with them.
  • Arranging and sorting out tasks for children and young people to attend trips, activities and events.
  • Some administration tasks.
  • Other……..


More information to follow on this.