Local Offer Launch – Jan 2019

On Wednesday 30th January the Local Offer launch took place, this was  to promote  the provision that is offered to Care Leavers and extending that service from 21 to 25 years of age. Those who may have left the service can return to receive support from a range of services and professionals.

 The launch was held at Chelmunds and had the relevant  staff from within the service attend; we could have had more care leavers attend; however some of our OVOS members presented poems and speeches which were amazing; so well done to you all!

Through this process our OVOS Care Leavers have been involved in the working group, providing their feedback on what would improve the services they receive, how the document should look and how to word this to young people.

 There are many services and professionals  involved with the local offer and a full version of the document will be available soon; an example of one provider is that  Care Leavers will be offered free leisure passes within North Solihull and South Solihull Leisure Centre (Everyone Active) and this will be extended down to support younger children to the age of 11 and their carers. Its very exciting so keep a look out for the final document.