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YPBMF nomination

Solihull Catering company pledged to help OVOS by working together, they produced a catering programme over the summer holidays culminating in  a BBQ ‘celebration event’. The recipes that were created by the chefs ensured that young people can cook and eat healthily for less than £1 a portion.   Nomination information for the catering team

Young Persons Consultation Guide

Have a look through the following guide, and if you have any feedback on this use the contact form provided through the website. Young persons consultation guide

Care Leavers Week 2017

Here is a summary of Care Leavers Week 2017 – celebrating the success of Care leavers all across the country: CARE LEAVERS WEEK SUMMARY OCTOBER- 2017

Nick’s Challenges

Sparkle up fundraising amount- September 17  All you donations from sparkle up week In September have been fabulous, we raised a whopping £3,830, this is a collection of Nick Pages’ fundraising events and the sparkle up day itself. See the link below for more information on this. Thank you to you all!   Here is a link to an article…

Mental Health Guidance

Mental Health Leaflet- October 2017  MH booklet This leaflet is information on mental health and services available; we are working to provide more information on this subject. We have also placed a poster of two local venues- north and south that the Engage team provide support on for Mental and emotional health issues.

Engage Fashion Show

Engage fashion show – 16 November Thank you all so much for attending the fashion show last night.  The show was brilliant and the company ‘Colours’ were fantastic in supporting the OVOS fundraising by allowing our deposit to be refunded. There were some great bargains on offer and lots of clothing was sold.  

Hamper Fundraising Raffle

Hampers- raising money for the 16 Plus team young people’s Christmas vouchers . Just to let you know that £105 was raised last night at the fashion show. That means that fundraising from the afternoon tea £33 and from council/chelmunds £131.00 comes to a grand total of £269 which will be 17 care leaver’s gift vouchers.

OVOS Meeting 29/11/17

Next OVOS meeting- 29 November:  This will be a joint meeting for older and younger OVOS members. We will be doing fun Christmas craft making and catching up from the last meetings actions. If you wish to come along, please contact

Christmas Card Design Competition

Christmas card design A competition was set for young people to design a Christmas card and the winning card would be selected, to be sent out to all children and young people. Unfortunately due to lack of promotion and publicity, we did not have much interest in this. A card has been designed. Next year we will definitely make this…