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Conferences NLCBF MANAGERS EVENT- LEEDS- 22/11/17 – 24/11/17 The National leaving care benchmark forum event was over three days; it involved working together, meeting new people, sharing good practice and presenting information to managers from all over the country. The young people from the bench marking forum normally include care lavers who are working in a participation role, undertaking training…

Viewpoint Feedback

Viewpoint is something you can use, usually when you have a review coming up, to share what you think, how you feel, adn how you’re finding your placement. Recently we’ve had some feedback that we’d like to share with you: Good 46 people said that no one bullied them or picked on them where they live. 15 people knew who…

Budget Cook Book

You may remember back in the summer when the Solihull Catering Service fulfilled their pledge of offering children in care and care leavers a free course, encouraging the development of independent living skills and learning how to handle budgets when it comes to affordable and healthy meals. This cook book was developed in partnership with OVOS. Cook Book Full PDF

OVOS priorities

These priorities were chosen by member of the OVOS group.  

Website maintenance

The website is currently undergoing maintenance so please bare with us while we update each section of the page. You may find some things aren’t working as they should be, please come back at a later date and you should hopefully find things are in working order.   Thank you.


If you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, and decisions are being made without you being asked how you feel about them; then please look at these booklets about complaints to find out more if you wish to make a complaint: Young persons form 11+ Young Child Form aged 7-11

Children’s Champions

The Role of Children’s Champions   Each team providing a service to looked after children and young people will have a dedicated person to support and promote:   The active involvement of those children and young people in service design and delivery The ethos of Corporate Parenting within the team   The champions will not only champion active involvement and…

YPBMF nomination

Solihull Catering company pledged to help OVOS by working together, they produced a catering programme over the summer holidays culminating in  a BBQ ‘celebration event’. The recipes that were created by the chefs ensured that young people can cook and eat healthily for less than £1 a portion.   Nomination information for the catering team