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Mental Health Guidance

Mental Health Leaflet- October 2017  MH booklet This leaflet is information on mental health and services available; we are working to provide more information on this subject. We have also placed a poster of two local venues- north and south that the Engage team provide support on for Mental and emotional health issues.

Engage Fashion Show

Engage fashion show – 16 November Thank you all so much for attending the fashion show last night.  The show was brilliant and the company ‘Colours’ were fantastic in supporting the OVOS fundraising by allowing our deposit to be refunded. There were some great bargains on offer and lots of clothing was sold.  

Hamper Fundraising Raffle

Hampers- raising money for the 16 Plus team young people’s Christmas vouchers . Just to let you know that £105 was raised last night at the fashion show. That means that fundraising from the afternoon tea £33 and from council/chelmunds £131.00 comes to a grand total of £269 which will be 17 care leaver’s gift vouchers.

Christmas Card Design Competition

Christmas card design A competition was set for young people to design a Christmas card and the winning card would be selected, to be sent out to all children and young people. Unfortunately due to lack of promotion and publicity, we did not have much interest in this. A card has been designed. Next year we will definitely make this…

OVOS Celebration Event Feb 2017

  The idea for Dream and Achieve was devised by OVOS members who wanted a celebratory style circus theme for all ages.   They were given a budget and chose the venue and agreed what entertainment there would be. Two older members of OVOS hosted and compared the event gaining more confidence as the evening progressed. They were great ambassadors…

Care Leavers Week 2016

  Care Leavers Week 2016 was a huge success. With various activities going on throughout the week, there were so many opportunities to have your say and get involved, but most importantly, have fun too!     Can Cook Will Cook   The Can Cook Will Cook event looked at developing the skills necessary for independent living. At the event…

Life Goes On

Young people from Solihull’s Children in Care Council – Our Voice Our Services (OVOS) –came together to produce a video showing their experiences of being within the care system. The aim of the project was to identify the strengths and weaknesses that they had experienced whilst in care and transitioning into independence, coming up with some positive solutions. They have…

Positive Stories

A young person shares their experience of how OVOS has changed their life   Since I have been involved in OVOS, I have discovered my strengths and not just my weaknesses. I have been involved in so many amazing opportunities. For example, standing up in front of 200+ professionals and presenting a PowerPoint we as a team made with neglect…