Corporate Parenting


Looking after and protecting children and young people is one of the most important jobs that councils do and when a child, for whatever reason, can’t safely stay at home, it is up to us as the local authority to step in and give them the care, support and stability that they deserve. This isn’t just up to the lead member or director of children’s services – we need everyone looking out for our most vulnerable children and young people, and every councillor has a role to play. This pack aims to help them fulfil that role as effectively as possible.

Being a corporate parent means doing everything we can for every child in the council’s care – and every care leaver – to give them the opportunities that other children get .It makes sure that they know they have to support you and what you do and they are there for you if things get tough.

This is our Corporate Parenting Card deigned by OVOS. It lets people in the Council know about their responsibilities to you.


Corporate parenting Guidance

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