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Corporate Parenting

Pledge update

Since The ‘Life goes on’ event in October 2016, where the pledge was first introduced, we have had on going support from within Solihull council departments, individual teams and staff, colleagues, Solihull community and wider partners.

The pledge entails how people can support OVOS and play their role as corporate parents to all children, young people and care leavers under the Solihull care system.

We have had so many wonderful people make pledge’s to support OVOS and they range from; supporting OVOS events, fundraising, providing work placements, undertaking a certain role like mentoring to offering freebies or use of their own time towards a certain task.

It has been overwhelming with the response’s so far, just to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved in this and just how grateful we are for the support of everyone who has pledged (we still have lots more to do).

We will keep you updated on these pledges and how people have been getting on.

Here are just a few examples:

What you pledged……. What happened next……….
Darren Bishton

16 + Team Manager-


‘To stay at the training flat’



Darren stayed over night and followed a budget to experience how young people feel. This is linked in with a wider project that had come about from 16 + OVOS priorities.
The Adult Social Care Payments & Billing Team-


‘To help fundraise’



  Yvonne Obaidy –

Collaborative lead for Empower


Kathy Slinn-

Head of service




Maxine Burrows-

Collaborative lead for Engage



‘To support and help raise funds for OVOS’.





The team demonstrated such creativity and talent with first prize going to Diane Lineker for her amazingly tall creation. The team managed to raise a total of £300.00



Yvonne also set up a work experience placement within the Empower team for OVOS members.


These ladies have been super busy raising funds for OVOS; last year (2016) they completed ‘The 12 bakes of Christmas’.   £500.76 was raised through cake sales. Some of the money was donated by councillors.


A fashion show where staff and their friends or family could attend and purchase clothes at discounted price, this raised £984.


This year is focusing on a large Christmas Fayre for staff to attend and purchase some Christmas goodies.


Alison McGrory-

Income and awards department.


Support OVOS with apprenticeships’


An apprentice role was developed with in the team; a care leaver was successful and started in June 17.
Solihull catering department-


Support young people to acquire skills to cook a healthy diet. ‘


Working in partnership with OVOS and the 16 plus team, plus linking in with 16+ OVOS priority in regards to the training flat..


Young people successfully completed the course, receiving a Food Hygiene Certificate and Cooking Skills Certificate, whilst undertaking challenges to complete ASDAN modules. They prepared food to be cooked for over 50 people at the Celebration BBQ that was for corporate parents.

Nomination information for the catering team

Nick Page


‘Raise sponsorship money and advocate for OVOS/children in care’.


This was achieved through loads of fundraising activities, starting with; pulling a fire engine with a small team through the streets of Solihull town, completing a cycle challenge, a Nordic walk and to finish of the events; a Bollywood dance class. He raised an amazing £3403.

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