Famous people who have been in care

Being in care should not stop you getting what you want out of life.

Many famous people have been in care. See how many you know below:

Goldie – Musician

John Lennon – Singer

Pierce Brosnan – Actor

Willie Nelson – Singer

James Dean – Actor

Cher – Singer

Jamie Foxx – Actor

Steve Jobs – iphone inventor

Malcolm X – Activist

Kerry Katona – Former singer

Superman – Superhero

Nicole Ritchie – Fashion Designer

Faith Hill – Singer

Lance Armstrong – Cyclist

Debbie Harry – Singer

Nelson Mandela – Peace Activist

Edgar Allen Poe – Poet

Louis Armstrong – Musician

Kris Akabussi – Athlete

Charlie Chaplin – Actor

Vanessa Mae – Violinist

Harry Potter – Wizard

Michael Bay – Director

Ice T – Rapper

Simone Biles – USA Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast

Samantha Morton – Actress

Marilyn Monroe – Actress

Seal – Singer

Neil Morrissey – Actor, also voice of Bob the Builder

John Bird – the creator of the Big Issue magazine

Frank Bruno – Heavy Weight Boxing Champion

Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer and maker of perfumes

Damian Hirst – Artist

Kathy Burke – Actress

Eddie Murphy – Actor also the voice of the donkey in Shrek

If you know of any other famous people, then let us know by clicking here.