Artboard 9Education sticker

School is a really big part of life for all children. You may love going to school or you may not like it but getting a good education can really help you in the future.

While you are in our care:

  • You will have a PERSONAL EDUCATION PLAN which you may call a PEP. Before your PEP, you will have help filling in a Child’s views KS1 KS2 form.Ed8
  • Even if you move to live in a placement away from your family home your social worker should try and make sure you stay at the same school. However if you have to change school your social worker must find you a new school place within 4 weeks
  • There should be a named teacher who supports all children who are in care at your school. This teacher can help you if you need help with your school worked3
  • You will also have a worker from the LACES Team who will make sure that your school and your social worker are supporting you to do the best you can do at school.
  • Your school should keep a note of what happens in your education, what you are doing well and what they can do to support you.