Staying in Touch with Family & Friends

Contact (Staying in Touch)

Your social worker or foster carer may talk to you about contact.  It means how are you going to stay in touch with the people who are important to you such as family and friends.

You could stay on touch by seeing people face to face, by telephone or email or by writing letters or cards.

When you come into care you are likely to want to stay n touch with your family and friends.

Think about the answers to the following questions when talking to your social worker about who you want to stay on touch with:-

  • Who is important to you that you would like to see?
  • Why is it important for you to see them?
  • If there is someone you do not want to see why don’t you want to see them?


Staying in touch with family

Whilst you are in care your social worker should make sure you know when you will be seeing your parents and other family members. Your social worker will talk to you about seeing your family and who you want to see and not see.

If there is anything you do not understand make sure you ask your social worker to explain or speak to your carer or another trusted adult so they can help you understand and put what you want across.

If you have brothers or sisters in care it is sometimes possible for you to stay together and live with the same foster carers. if it is not possible for you to stay together your social worker will make sure you can keep in touch with them.