Who’s Who

While you are in care there will be a number of other adults to support you, and sometimes your family.


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  • Is someone who is there to make sure that your wishes and feelings are heard.
  • Will only say what you want them to say in YOUR words to other people.

An Advocate can speak to the people involved in your care i.e. your IRO, social worker or foster carer, or support you in speaking to them. They can help support you in whatever is important to you. For example what you would like to happen, would like to have, some extra support you might want or a decision you don’t understand or agree with.

If you would like an Advocate speak to your social worker or carer and they can arrange for you to see one.


Foster Carer

A foster carer is someone who will look after you in their own home. They will try to care for you as they would their own child.

To find out more about living with a foster family click here.



When you come into care you will have an Independent Reviewing Officer -sometimes this is shortened to IRO to make it easier. It is the IRO’s job to make sure that you are being well looked after while you are in care. Here is a handy guide to IRO’s.

Your IRO will do this by regularly having meetings with you and the people who care for you.

If you want to know who your IRO is you can:-



You may hear an Independent Visitor sometimes called an IV. This is someone who can take you out to do activities or other things you enjoy. They may also go to your meetings such your Reviews if you want them to.

Children in care usually have an IV if they

  • Have little or no contact with their family

And / Or

  • Are living a long distance from Solihull

If you want to find out more or want an IV speak to your social worker, IRO or foster carer.


Looked After Nurse

Whilst you are in care it is important for you to be healthy, happy and safe. To help with this we have 2 nurses and 3 doctors who can meet with you to think about your health and the different things that might affect how you feel. You might meet with the nurse, or the doctor, for a Health Assessment.


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Your social worker is one of the people you will see while you are in care. A social worker is someone who will visit you to:-

  • Listen to what you want NOW and in the FUTURE
  • Make sure you are being looked after properly where you are living
  • Make sure they make the right plans for you NOW and in FUTURE
  • Make sure you feel okay and if there is anything wrong they will try to help you.
  • Support you through difficult times.

Your social worker will also:-

  • Help you get involved in activities
  • Support you through difficult times

To find out more about your social worker and how to contact them click here.


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When you are in care you may also see a support worker. This is someone who will work with your social worker to make sure everything is OK for you. You may see your support worker more than you see your social worker.

Your support worker may:

  • come and see  you where you are living
  • support you if you are having any difficulties or problems
  • let you talk to them about any issues you may have
  • take you to see your family and friends

To find out more about your support worker and how to contact them click here.