Got Something to Say?

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Artboard 10Tell us about your news.

It can be something good that has happened to you.Asset 9boy 3

It can be something that you are not happy about.

These people really want to listen to you:

Use Viewpoint. A new way of telling us what is important to you.

Join OVOS – Our Voice Our Service!!girl 2 

  • We tell people in charge what we think about the help we get.

  • We ask the important questions.

  • We give suggestions as to how this help can be made better for us.

  • We have fun and do activities together.

  • We make friends and get learn lots of new skills!

  • Contact the team to find out more and get involved.


Are you unhappy about something?

If there is something you are unhappy about with your experience in care and would like us to try to help, please let us know. It could be you are having difficulties with carers, at school, living independently or money.

We want to try to help to put it right. Please email your complaint to

and someone will be in touch with you to look into your problems further.

For general support and advice, please contact us.

If you want someone to support you to make a complaint, you may want to talk to an Advocate.