Money & Belongings


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Here you can find out all about money for you whilst you are in care.

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Whilst you are in care you will get pocket money every week.

Your carer may give you some of your pocket money weekly or may give it you when you need it. This will be written into your Child’s Plan.

You carer will encourage you to save some of your pocket money every week.

If you are living with your parents they will choose whether they will give you pocket money and how much.


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It is good to save either for something you really want – such as a games console, something you want to do – such as going somewhere special, or savings for your future. Getting used to saving when you are younger is important and a skill that helps you when you are a grown up.


Whilst you are in care your carer will:-

  • Open a savings account for you
  • Save weekly for you
  • Teach you how to manage your money
  • Talk to you about savings. You can make savings out of your pocket money. You may want to put this into your bank account or into a piggy bank or jam jar.

Remember it is good to save.

If you are in care for more than a year Children’s Services will also make some long term savings for when you are grown up which you will get when you are 18.


  • Try not to spend it all at once.
  • Think about what you may want to use the money for now and in the future.
  • This money is to help support you in adulthood.


Clothing Money

Whilst you are in care your carer will get money to make sure you have the clothes you need for:-

  • School
  • Home / going out
  • Activities you may take part in

They will also make sure you have certain clothes if you need these to practice your religion or faith.

If you have special or favourite clothes you want to keep to remind you of something special let your carer know and they will be kept for you.